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About us

NB-ESTATES is a licensed real estate agent with years of expertise in Spanish properties. Our long term vision translates itself in a careful and strict selection of real estate possibilities. We will not include any projects in our portfolio that have not been positively screened in terms of bank guarantee, permits, reliability and level of completion. Our goal is to find your dream home and to provide complete guidance from A to Z.

Freyke van Nieuwbouw in Spanje
Carl van Nieuwbouw in Spanje

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Our offer

Our offer is divided over several regions. We will guide you in a neutral way and show you what really suits you! Together with our professional team we ensure that everything is arranged perfectly before, during and after the purchase. And this at all times in your mother tongue.

Webinars en infodagen over immo kopen in Spanje


Before you come over, we will try to meet you at one of our info days, webinars or at your home. It is very important for us to know your wishes and expectations.

In addition, we will provide you with information of the possibilities, the purchase costs, the buying process, the tax obligations and much more. It is also very important to have clarified in advance what budget you wish to spend on your Spanish dream home. So, inform yourself well before coming over. This enables us to work efficiently, and you will also avoid any frustrations afterwards if it turns out you are to buy that one dream home.

Begeleiding tijdens het kopen van immo in Spanje


After having given you full and clear information, your arrival will be carefully prepared. It is important that you do a targeted local market study with us and that you get to know the area in case this is new for you.

Once you have found your home, we coordinate the entire administrative purchase process. In all transparency and trust, the contracts will be drawn up and we will accompany you to the notary where the transfer of ownership will take place.

Take a look at our wide range op properties.

Begeleiding bij de administratie die gepaard gaat aan immo kopen in Spanje


At the notary's office, you become the proud owner, but after that there are still a number of very important administrative obligations to be fulfilled. Don't worry, we will guide you professionally and you don't have to do anything yourself.

In addition, you can continue to count on us after your purchase. We will be happy to help you and advise you on practical matters. (Such as internet, furniture, rental company, etc...). Our after-sales service is one of our greatest strengths.

A happy customer brings us a new customer, read our testimonials!

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Freyke & Carl
Freyke en Carl van Nieuwbouw in Spanje