Buying property in Spain, don't forget to pay attention



Frequently asked questions about buying a property in Spain


Buying property in Spain, don't forget to pay attention!

Buying a house in Spain can be different from buying a house in your country. The tasks of the Spanish notary are rather limited. For example, the notary is not responsible for checking building permits, linked debts, the co-ownership statutes, the registration of your property in the land register, etc.

In addition, you should be well aware of the purchase costs and taxes associated with your Spanish property. Together with our team, we strive for a complete guidance from A to Z. This in full transparency and in your mother tongue.

Purchase process

Choose your broker
You have found your dream home, now what?
What are the payment conditions for new construction?
What is a NIE number?
When do I become the owner?
Who can I contact with questions after my purchase?

Purchase costs

What are the purchase costs?
What are the annual costs?


What are the Spanish taxes if you are a non-resident owner of Spanish property?
What should I take into account if I want to sell my home?
Do I have to declare my Spanish home in my country of residence?
Am I taxed twice on my purchase by my country of residence?


Transfer of ownership takes place at the notary
Important administrative tasks after the notary?
What if I lose my deed of purchase?
Do I need to draw up a Spanish testament?

Why buy from us

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Thorough knowledge of the real estate market and its regions
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Buy as an investment

Why invest in a Spanish property?
What if I rent out my Spanish property?
Rental license?
Association of Co-Owners


How can I finance this property?
Is my mortgage loan deductible?
Can I borrow in Spain for the purchase of this property?


Do I need a Spanish bank account number?
What is a bank guarantee?
Do I have to insure my Spanish home?

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